Cecil Engineering LLC

Equipment & Residential Design, Reverse Engineering, Consulting

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Good design brings continuity, function, and form to a product.  This is a short list of the services we offer.  Let us help you choose a path forward.

Cecil Engineering prides itself on an engineering team that is passionate about doing Professional work.  We can oversee your project and help to deliver it on time and budget.  Our experience and capabilities stretch through the entire product life cycle.  We can help prototype, test, launching the product into production, and sustainment.

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Product Development - Clean Sheet
  • Failure Analysis & Resolution
  • Prototype & Testing
  • Fixture Design
  • Automotive Chassis modifications
  • Bolted Joint Design

Choosing a product development strategy can be confusing.  The advantage of using Cecil Engineering is clear in the performance and delivery of out products.  We can help reduce the long term costs of your product and illustrate this in the development process.